Dominating Mobile App Development Trends 2022

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Being one of the fastest-growing industries, application development trends are constantly transforming our lives. We at Devs in India keep track of the times and trends in mobile app development.

  1. Time: We pave the way on time to support you with trending functionalities for your app development needs;
  2. Trends: We recommend modern solutions, present an innovative approach, and let it turn into the latest app trends for you to become a trendsetter.

Let us understand some of the influential trends in app development that can help your business stand out in the market. We have recognised and listed the mobile app trends 2022.

1. Flutter

Developers at Devs in India brace themselves up for the latest tide of technological advancement. We build elite and distinctive applications to suit all your custom needs of an application. Benefit from hiring flutter developers at Devs in India as they are proficient in:

  1. designing stunning applications from a single codebase
  2. building quicker and effectual apps
  3. following a quick development cycle
  4. offers an expressive user interface
  5. helps you make your custom widget
  6. creating cutting-edge latest layouts

All the cited facts will secure an extraordinary advantage for your latest mobile application. Irrespective of industry vertical, flutter as one of the dominating app development trends will help you achieve soaring heights. Presently, Flutter is the only solution for quickly merging a broad array of features and works well on the platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Google Fuchsia.

2. Digital Wellbeing

Digital well-being is no more wasting users’ time. It is about allowing them to effectively utilise their time and grab their attention to trust your business or brand. This element enables users to set boundaries of using distracting applications, achieve well-being by staying away from devices for a certain amount of time and enhance their living.

Digital well-being features allow users to,

  1. know how many times they have unlocked their device
  2. get the idea of the number of hours they spend using the gadget
  3. notice how many notifications they get
  4. see the amount of time spent on any particular app and set app limits to force the close application
  5. set zen mode to avoid getting notifications or wind down to turn off devices for a fixed time

As an entrepreneur, you can track users’ navigation activity in your application.

3. Motion Control Technologies

Introduction to motion control has transformed the user experience entirely. In 2022, placing buttons on your application interface is not sufficient. An application in today’s world needs touchless experience updates. No matter for which industry you want to build an application, motion control technology can certainly help you lead the market.

Users can now use various motions such as waving fingers in front of the screen to:

  1. picking up or rejecting calls
  2. scroll through the news feed
  3. turning pages of digital readers
  4. control volume for music player apps

The motion control application trend can transform user experience thoroughly. Become one of the successful pioneers by hiring cross-platform app developers at Devs in India.

4. Face Recognition

Face recognition in your latest application development is one of the best trends to reach out to your most engaging mobile users. You can opt for facial recognition to:

  1. allow your users access to an app
  2. verify identity and enable easy checkouts of users for eCommerce
  3. authorise banking transactions through applications

Make your application a secure interface for your users with face recognition.

5. Hyper-personalisation

Applications with appealing personalisation will always be a step ahead of the competition. Users usually cooperate with brands offering them personalised suggestions on shopping or navigating through the pool of information.

Your business can benefit from:

  1. giving suggestions on best offers based on their previous purchase history
  2. proposing the most suitable locations for vacations based on their prior searches
  3. suggesting new connections based on their current friends’ list

The list is never-ending and regards all industry verticals when it is about personalisation for users.

The mobile industry transforms so quickly that it becomes challenging to stay up-to-date with advanced trends and hook to the inventions right on. Hence, we have shared the most influencing mobile app industry trends that can contribute to enhancing your business value. Let us help you transform your UX with new technology apps.

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