Delivering Best with The Trending Future of Laravel in 2022


Let us dive into the future trends that Laravel is all set to practice in 2022. We have documented a few Laravel trends that are extensively embraced and enforced by companies from around the globe.

When you come across a website with a best-in-class user experience, there is certainly a 90% chance that it is built using one of the frameworks of PHP. Services offered by Laravel app development cater to rich features, leveraging major operating systems. Let us study some of the Laravel trends in Web Application Development.

Updated Laravel SEO Package

No worries at all for SEO packages in Laravel again! The latest update renders accurate and helpful meta tags right off the bat, with a fixed initial configuration and delivers an easy yet potent API to work with it. You can generate the following with the updated Laravel SEO Package:

Laravel Library

Avoid being in monotonous exercises such as authentication, sessions, routing and caching with updated Laravel libraries. The updates make it quick for the developers to work on the development environment and even does not limit the application functionality. Hence, developers can take care of it without any issues.

Hashed Text

Hashing facilitates developers to process a string of characters and translate those into a readable format. Store all of the private details and passwords using the Hash facade.

PHP Web Development with IoT

With a growing trend in Laravel comes a movement of using Laravel APIs in IoT. Laravel Developers are more enthusiastic to use Arduino as a flexible and language-agnostic platform that supports PHP. This trend is encouraging outsourcing service providers as they recognise the strength of Laravel with the most suitable IoT solutions.

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots is an ultimate solution if a business is looking forward to a solution to communicate with their website audience and answer their queries like a human. With Laravel, you can build intelligent chatbots and offer effortless and prompt customer support facilitation.

Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is indeed one of the latest web application developments in Laravel. A complete blend of a web app framework with the most recent trends in Laravel offers cost-effective, adaptable and scalable web solutions to industries.

Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)

Laravel has made it easy for developers to integrate Laravel with the AMP projects by applying Route::amp() notation.

The beginning of AMP clearly states that the internet has become more user-friendly. Popular brands and businesses are now looking for firms that practice this latest web design trend, backed by 5G internet technology, to make native applications.

The AMP plugin is put in place to enhance the user experience, reduce web design expenses, and reach out to the target users.

Laravel for Ecommerce

Laravel offers scalability, uncluttered code structure, and exceptional performance for web applications. Besides, it employs improved security tools to protect online shops from malicious attacks.

Laravel for Ecommerce has a rich set of advantages including high scalability, self-reliant functioning, cart management flexibility, and global support.


On top of everything, Laravel developers across the globe have access to the extremely significant tutorial support, Laracasts. Laracasts come at developers’ rescue, be it learning new skills or getting answers to their queries in Laravel development.

Though manifold explanations confirm the significance of Laravel app development in 2022. Let us look at some of the excellent key features to help you choose Laravel as the preferred PHP framework for the coming projects:

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