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Devs In India is a top rated graphic design team that will make your brand pop! Hire our design services to design, develop, and deliver graphics for websites, mobile, and print.

What Is Graphic Design?

When you think of graphic design the images that first come to mind are probably magazine spreads or billboard ads. But graphic design encompasses many different things: websites, logos, posters, business cards, infographics, 

mobile apps, product packaging, and more!Graphic design is the craft of planning and creating visual content to communicate a message. Graphic design helps catch the eye of a potential consumer, to connect with them, and convey information.
Graphic Design

Who Is Devs In India?

The team at Devs In India has over a decade of graphic design experience. Our aim is to empower businesses around the world to be the best they can be and transform digitally.


Our creative designers combine creativity with data and technical expertise to find the best possible solution for you. We understand that every business has unique needs, so we undertake extensive research before digging into creating graphics for you to get it right the first time.

Devs In India

Services We Offer

Brand Logo

The logo of your company is the most important part of your branding, it’s the core of your visual brand identity and everything else is built around it. We will discuss with you all your ideas for the logo and how it relates to your brand. It may be a simple design, but a lot goes into designing a logo. The colours, fonts, and shapes will all influence how consumers perceive you and it tells a story about who you are. We keep in mind that you’ll be sticking with the logo for a long time and will want it to remain timeless. Your logo can then be placed in many different places, signage, websites, social media, posts, merchandise!

Business Cards

Even with the rise of sharing information digitally, business cards still remain important. They are a great way to quickly share contact information and develop leads for your business in person. Your business card may be the first impression someone is given of your brand, so it’s important to have an appealing and easy to read design. Stemming from the design of your logo, the colours, fonts, and design elements on your business card will convey a message about your business and appear professional. These cards are especially important if you have a large section of your client base that doesn’t use digital technology often.

Website Design

Your website is the hub of your online brand. It’s the source of information about your business, services, and products. It’s where you cultivate those end of the funnel leads and turn them into conversions. So it’s important to have a good UX design to encourage customers to stay longer and purchase. Our graphic designers will work with you to design a visually attractive, easy to navigate designed website to nurture leads and get conversions.

App Design

Whether your app is a source of information, a place to shop, a game, or a tracking app, it’s important for it to look good. An app’s success depends on the way your users feel about it and use it. The better they feel about it, the more likely they’ll recommend it to others. Our graphic designers will design a professional looking app and visuals that will wow consumers from the moment they open the app.

Packaging Design

If you’re an eCommerce store with products you need packaging for, Devs In India can help you create designs in line with your logo and web design to give customers a well rounded brand experience all the way to their doorstep. Good packaging will have your product stand out from the rest!

Advertising Design

Whether you’re advertising on social media, across the internet, on tv, or in print, we can design eye-catching and engaging designs to promote your business that will have customers remembering you. A good ad design will make you look professional, trustworthy, and portray enough information to peak a customer’s interest.

Why Hire Devs In India?

Experts in programs such as : Photoshop | Corel Draw | Dreamweaver | Adobe Illustrator
We use the best programs and designing tools needed to create your specific graphics.

Web 2.0 Expertise

Web 2.0 is the internet’s focus on social media, user generated content, and cloud computing. We consider all aspects of how users interact with the internet and optimize your graphics for it.

W3C Compliance

We ensure all HTML and CSS code complies with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium.


We keep in contact with you throughout the whole process to ensure you know everything is on track and you are happy with the direction it’s heading.

UI and UX Designed Focused

We keep in mind UI and UX design principles when creating your graphics to ensure maximum usability.


Our graphic designers uphold ethical and professional standards to comply with guidelines and make you feel welcomed.

10+ Years Of Experience

Our team has more than a decade of experience in the digital world creating graphics for websites, mobile apps, social media, and print.

Steps In Hiring A Devs In India Graphic Designer

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Reach out to us and we’ll set up a meeting with you to discuss all your requirements, your vision, and to see how we can help.
Analyze & Research

Analyze & Research

We take the time to analyze the requirements of your situation to give you an idea of how long the project will take and give you a firm quote. We then conduct any research needed into your business and industry so we have a solid foundation to begin creating your graphics.


We come up with different options and styles for your graphics. We present them to you so you can decide which direction you’d like to proceed in.


We create all graphics needed efficiently and to the highest quality. We keep in communication with you to keep you updated on the process and deliver on time.


The price of hiring a graphic designer varies depending on the complexity and size of your project. Devs In India can work with your budget to create high quality graphics at affordable prices. Our rates start at just $20 an hour!
Yes! Once completed and paid for, you own all approved and completed final graphics. Your project manager will discuss with you and let you know exactly what pieces you own and are free to do with as you will.
A graphic designer does more than just put a few colours and shapes together. They have years of creative best practice and technical knowledge that they bring to the table to grab attention and convey a message. They understand design principles and how to combine colour, typography, space, and lines to create something visually appealing. Graphic designers also know how to work to technical specifications and easy web navigation.
We can deliver your final graphics in a variety of different ways. We can email them directly to you or place them in a dropbox. If they’re part of our web design we can also directly upload them to your website. Physical handover on CD or USB is rare, but may be discussed with your designer.
The length of your project depends on the size of it. The completed project could take anywhere from a few days for a one of small project to a few weeks or months for larger, more involved projects.
Yes! Dev In India is a digital agency that offers a wide range of services! We offer website development, design, and SEO, social media services, and app development services. Have a look through our website to see everything we offer.

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Whether you’re looking to hire a full time or freelance graphic designer from India, Devs In India has you covered. We ensure all our clients are 100% satisfied with the end product. We love seeing businesses we’ve worked with succeed and are passionate about helping you achieve your goals.


For one off projects or continual graphic design support email our design experts at info@devsinindia.com or give us a call !