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Are you a business owner having a tough time trying to understand the data and metrics shown on your Google analytics? Devs In India will help you understand important data and take care of all your analytics needs.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google to help you analyze your web traffic. It may not sound like a big part of your online presence, but it provides the foundation needed for website optimization and building a targeted marketing campaign that will get you results. Your website is the central hub of your digital presence. Google gives you the widest and most thorough understanding of your data from across the web. With unique insights and machine learning capabilities you can make the most of your data. All facebook marketing, online advertising, and lead generation leads there.

Over 50 million businesses across the world use Google analytics to gain insight into how their marketing and content is performing. If you already use Google’s advertising and publishing products, their analytics connect seamlessly to help deliver business results. Google Analytics collects data from first party cookies, the HTTP request of the user, and browser & system information to create reports. Several lines of tracking code are put into the code of your website. This code records the activities of the users when they visit your website along with information about them such as age, gender, and interests.


The data is then grouped in different ways, primarily in these four levels:

User level - actions by the user
Session level - about each individual visit
Pageview level - about each individual page visited
Event level - what did the user do (button clicks, video views, etc)

User Acquisition Data

Before users have even visited your website you can access data about your target demographic such as their age, gender, interests, and where online they are coming from. You can use this information to refine targeted online and facebook advertising to attract more customers.

User Behaviour Data

These web analytics are collected during the user’s session on your website. Information you can glean from here includes: What page did they enter your website at? What page did they leave at? How long did they stay on your website? What ‘pathway’ did they use through your website? You can use this information to fix problem pages and smooth out the user experience to encourage more conversions.

Who Is Devs In India?

Devs In India have over 10 years of experience in digital services such as Google Analytics. Our expert team has the technical expertise and passion to help you understand your data and optimize your marketing strategies. Our aim is to empower businesses around the world to transform digitally.


We combine creativity and the technical to find the best possible solutions. Every business has unique and individual needs and challenges, so we conduct extensive research into your business and industry when you come on board. We abide by high quality and security adherences and offer services beyond analytics such as social media, web designing, web development, seo expertise, and app creation.

Devs In India

Services We Offer

Google Analytics Set-Up

Analytics account for your business. We sit down with you to discuss your business goals and what KPIs are most important to you. We then set up the account with those objectives in mind. We can then help you understand how to glean the information you need yourself, or manage the account on your behalf with regular reports sent to you. We can also integrate your Google Analytics account with any marketing tools you use such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

Google Analytics Audit

If you already have your Google Analytics account set up, but are encountering errors or feeling like you’re not getting the most out of it, we can conduct a fully comprehensive Google Analytics audit to identify problems such as incorrect set-up, broken links, incorrect audience targeting, unnecessary filters, and false content reports. Even one line of code incorrectly placed can impact your website and conversion tracking. We then report back to you with what’s not working and what needs to be fixed. From there we can hand it back to you or help you make these changes and monitor your analytics.

Google Analytics Support

To get the most out of your analytics, your account needs to be maintained and regularly upgraded to ensure you are receiving the right data. Our Google Analytics specialists can come on board to provide you with ongoing support to keep your data clean, up to date, and provide you with easy to understand reports to help you make data-driven decisions. As new features become available, we help you set them up and continue to make adjustments to improve the quality of the data you’re receiving.

Google Analytics Consulting

We know not all businesses need an agency to come on board full time, which is why we also offer occasional or one time Google Analytics consulting services. If you’re not getting the right conversions, we can help you make sense of your quarterly report and offer suggestions that your own team can implement. These consults will help you deepen your understanding of your customers and user knowledge. We can help you understand how to track your KPIs, how your personalized reporting works, and investigate and troubleshoot any problems.

Google Analytics Reporting

If you’re having trouble understanding all the data in your Google Analytics and all you need is just how to understand how the numbers can help you, Devs In India can prepare detailed and easy to understand reports of your critical metrics and KPIs that affect your conversions and help you make business decisions. These reports will show you which products are best sellers, which products are garnering the most viewers, how sale promotions are faring, and what your conversion rate is.

Why You Should Hire Devs In India

Experienced Team Of Experts

With more than a decade of work experience helping businesses achieve their digital potential, you can trust that you’ll be well looked after. We have an extensive understanding of the digital marketing landscape and continue to broaden and gain knowledge as the online world evolves.


We are here to answer any and all questions you may have about your account. While working with you, we keep you updated and in the loop so you know how you’re tracking at every moment. As full stack developers, we also offer fast technical support whenever you need us.

Google Analytics Certified

The team at Devs in India are Google Analytics Certified, ensuring we understand the platform inside and out. We can set up your account quickly and ensure you’re seeing the best and most accurate data relevant to your business decision making process.


We are flexible in both technology and in communication. If you’re using other analytics tools we can integrate them into your Google Analytics account. And we can work around your schedule for meetings, support, and content creation.

Strategic Targeting and Insights

Our services within Google Analytics include Google Tag Manager, website analytics, CRM integrations, and eCommerce tracking. All of these combined help you achieve a deep understanding of your audience and market to maximise conversions through business intelligence strategies.


While working with us, you and your team will learn more about Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Studio. Advancements and upgrades happen all the time. We’ll help you stay ahead of the game and teach you all you need to know.

Steps In Hiring Devs In India

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Email or call us to connect. We’ll discuss your business and services briefly, then schedule a detailed review.
Analyze & Research

Identity Business Goals

Unique business goals shape analytics presentation. We pinpoint your key objectives and KPIs for relevant data.

Set Up/Access Analytics

New to Google Analytics? We’ll create an account. Existing account? We’ll customize it, integrate apps.

Monitor and Track

We monitor incoming data, adjust presentations and stats as needed.


We provide a clear report on your online presence, marketing, and website performance.


We propose enhancements for more traffic and conversions.

Creation of Content

Beyond analytics, we provide diverse digital services: social media, design, web & app development.


  • How visitors are finding your website.
  • What keywords are most commonly used.
  • Which of your webpages are the most popular.
  • How well your online advertising is faring.
  • What your main audience looks like.
  • Your website’s conversion rate.
  • What broken links are preventing your website from being accessed.
  • How your competitors are tracking.
This information is stored under four different categories: audience reports, acquisition reports, behaviour reports, and conversion reports. All this can be used to measure the effectiveness of your website and ad campaigns and help you make adjustments to improve both those areas.
Yes! Through Google Analytics you can also track things like EDM data and social media traffic. Connect these to your account to begin tracking. Tracking your social media traffic helps you to identify which of your social media campaigns are performing best and driving your target audience to your website.
Once set up, it can take 24-48 hours for data to begin appearing in your analytics. Complete data will take some time to fully process. There is the option to look at ‘real time reports’ to get some up to date statistics on website and page views.
You can set a custom time range to look at your analytics. User and event data is retained for a maximum of 26 months. However, if you choose a custom data retention range, it will be deleted according to that shorter time frame. Google Analytics 4 properties only hold data for 2-14 months. Universal Data analytics can be customised to not expire automatically at all.
The price varies depending on the size of your project and whether it’s a one time consultation or you’re keeping us on full time. We understand that many businesses run on a tight budget, so Dev In India offers affordable rates that begin at just $20 an hour.

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If you’re looking for someone to handle your Google Analytics, prepare simple reports, and offer improvement suggestions, Devs In India’s Google Analytics Specialists have got you covered. We love turning data into actions that help grow your business.


To get started and hire our Google Analytics Expert in India, contact us now by sending an email to info@devsinindia.com or by giving us a call.