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Hire iPhone app developers with passion and experience in crafting iPhone applications that boost your business and wow your customers.

What Is iOS?

iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system that has powered the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. iOS stands for iPhone Operating System and it’s a type of software that manages all aspects of your phone. First introduced in 2007 as ‘iPhone OS’ it has come a long way. The ‘i’ branding you see in Apple products has been around since the first iMac in 1998. Steve Jobs said “iMac comes from the marriage of the 

excitement of the internet with the simplicity of Macintosh.”  Apple expanded on this saying the ‘i’ also stands for ‘individual, instruct, inform, and inspire.’ iOS is the second most used mobile device operating platform in the world, behind Android. It’s intuitive user centric design allows seamless connectivity between Apple products and gives developers the chance to create apps that are distributed through the iOS app store.
iOS App Developer

Who Is Devs In India?

Devs In India is a team of expert developers who specialize in iOS app development. With over 10 years of experience in web designing and development, we have the best solutions for you and your business. We believe in combining creativity, data, and technical expertise to craft those solutions for the best possible outcomes.


Our passion is to empower businesses around the globe to transform digitally. Every business has individual and unique needs. Before we begin, we conduct extensive research to gain an understanding of your business and industry to get it right. We have extensive in-depth domain knowledge and abide by quality and security adherences.

Devs In India

Services We Offer

Custom iOS App Development

Hire our experts in iPhone app development to create robust and scalable iOS mobile apps. We have proven experience in rendering feature rich and dynamic mobile apps for Apple devices that will fulfil your business requirements and have you found in the app store.

Cross Platform iOS App Development

Our iOS app developers can ensure fantastic apps that work incredibly well on Apple devices and seamlessly transfer across platforms to reach a wider audience. Our apps will widen your business reach and enhance your brand’s reputation.

iPad App Development

We can build you apps designed specifically for the Apple iPad as part of our iOS app development services Our full stack developers are experts in optimizing specifically for the iPad and will include all your desired features.

iOS App Support and Maintenance

Our experts in iOS application development are here to help. We can answer any questions you may have about your app. We ensure your app is running smoothly and fix any bugs before they cause any problems.

iOS App Migration and Upgrades

If you’re wanting to move your app over to iOS or update to the latest versions, Devs In India can do so quickly, seamlessly, and with minimal disruption to your work day to ensure you have the latest functions and quality user experience.

iOS Consulting

Let us help push your project in the right direction. Our experts are on hand to help you choose the right frameworks and technology, help you refine your ideas, ensure you are following the best UI and UX practices, and offer advice.

iOS App Design

Our team of designers can create innovative, user centric, and feature rich iOS app designs for your company. No matter your industry, we can craft a design that fits your needs.

iOS AR/VR App Development

With the rise in AR and VR popularity, we can put you on the cutting edge with an AR/VR app that is innovative, engaging, and distinctive.

iOS App Testing

Our team ensures your app is running smoothly by working behind the scenes to test your iOS application and solve any issues with speed, design, or responsiveness before the app is launched to the market.

iOS Widget Development

Extend the functionality of your iOS app with our secure widget development services. Our team can develop widgets that connect to your iPhone app and enhance its features.

iOS App API Integration

We can integrate APIs, social media, payment methods, location, and more to provide further functionality to your app and provide your customer with a unique and personalized experience.

iOS AI Learning App Development

Our team ensures your app is running smoothly by working behind the scenes to test your iOS application and solve any issues with speed, design, or responsiveness before the app is launched to the market.

iPod and iPad Music App Development

Get an incredible music playing experience with our iPod and iPad music apps. We ensure expertly designed iOS compatible music applications.

iPhone Game Development

We create iOS games that are fun and engaging. We can tailor to 2D, 3D, AR, VR, and AI services to give you high quality and enhanced visuals.

iOS App Strategy

Our team ensures your app is running smoothly by working behind the scenes to test your iOS application and solve any issues with speed, design, or responsiveness before the app is launched to the market.

Why You Should Hire Devs In India

Years of Experience

We have over a decade of experience in designing and developing digital projects. Our team is expertly trained in iOS practices and passionate about seeing your business succeed.

Cost Effective Services

We understand many businesses run on tight budgets, which is why Devs In India’s development teams offer affordable and attractive rates without compromising on quality.

Flexible Hiring

Hire us on a full time or part time basis to keep your web application running smoothly. Or hire us on one off occasions to help push your project in the right direction.

Communication & Integrity

We ensure we keep you in the loop and fully informed throughout the entire process. No decision is finalised without your approval. We also make sure all your information is protected and maintain privacy standards.

Reporting Updates

Your project manager will keep you informed about all developments and create easy to understand reports for you, so you always know how well your app is performing.

On Time Delivery

We give you an estimated timeline up front in our first meeting and deliver on time or even earlier without compromising on quality.

Steps In Hiring Devs In India

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Get in touch and we’ll set up a meeting to have an in depth discussion about your ideas and requirements. We see how we can help and give you an estimated price and timeline so you know what you’re getting into upfront.

Analyze & Research

Analyze & Research

We then go and analyze the requirements of your situation and conduct research on your business and industry to build a solid understanding and foundation to begin building your iOS project on.


We devise a plan for your project and present to you different options to choose from. We make adjustments and fine tune to your liking before proceeding.


We begin building your application. We deliver to the highest quality while providing you with updates the whole time. We listen to your feedback and make any changes that are necessary.


Your project is up and running. We can then provide you with updates on how the app is performing. If you choose, we can then also stay on to continuing monitoring and making adjustments to optimize for you and your customers.


The cost to build your app with iOS will vary depending on the size and complexity of your application. The bigger your app idea, the larger the cost will be. Devs In India understands that many businesses have big ideas, but tight budgets, so we ensure our services are affordable at beginning at just $30 an hour.
The length of time it takes to build your app with iOS will vary depending on the complexity and size of your app. The more complex the idea is, the longer it will take to build. We’ll discuss your requirements in our first meeting and give you an estimated time frame then.
We do! Dev In India is a full stack digital agency that offers many services from social media, SEO, web design and development, software development, graphic design, and more! Have a look through our website to discover and learn more about all the different services we offer.

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If you’re looking for someone to handle your Google Analytics, prepare simple reports, and offer improvement suggestions, Devs In India’s Google Analytics Specialists have got you covered. We love turning data into actions that help grow your business.


To get started and hire our Google Analytics Expert in India, contact us now by sending an email to info@devsinindia.com or by giving us a call.