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What Is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is a small, but powerful open source PHP MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework with a small footprint and a full range of features. It uses out of the box libraries to connect to the database for operations like uploading files, sending  emails, and managing sessions. The entire source code for Codeigniter is only 2MB, making it simple to deploy and update. It’s super fast, has built-in features that work independently, and has strong security.

Who Is Devs In India?

Devs In India is an Indian offshore web development company with over a decade of experience. We have experts who specialize in Codeigniter. We are dedicated to you and conduct extensive research to always find the best solution for your business. Our aim is to empower businesses around the world to transform digitally.


We believe in combining the creative, the data, and the technical to find the right outcome. Our app developers have in-depth domain knowledge and always abide by quality and security adherences.

Devs In India

Services We Offer

Custom Codeigniter Programming

Our expert developers can build custom solutions tailored to your requirements to turn your ideas into a reality with a focus on UI and UX designs.

Codeigniter Shopping Cart Development

Using the PHP framework, we take the time to integrate secure, scalable, and easy to use shopping carts for your online store to encourage customers to complete their purchase.

Codeigniter Application Development

Our dedicated development team can build innovative and fully featured web portals and applications for any size business.

Codeigniter Plugin Development

Our Codeigniter web developers can add more functionalities to your website and improve user experience to wow your customers and encourage them to return.

Codeigniter Support & Maintenance

Ensure optimum performance of your web app with our support service where our PHP development team ensures everything is running smoothly and squashes any bugs before further problems arise.

Codeigniter Product Development

Our development teams will help you streamline product development and build custom solutions through all phases such as conception, development, and release

Why Hire Us?

Over A Decade Of Experience

With over 10 years of experience in web development, our dedicated Codeigniter developers are experts. We have the knowledge and skills to build applications tailored specifically to you.


We will stay in contact with you and keep you in the loop throughout your whole project. No final decision is made without your approval. We can answer any questions you have and ensure you have a good understanding of the process.

On Time Delivery

Once we set a deadline, we stick to it. We ensure your Codeigniter project is completed by or before the deadline, without compromising on quality.

Affordable Rates

Each business is different and we know businesses can run on a tight budget, which is why we offer affordable rates. Our services are cost effective and you’ll be seeing returns on your investment before you know it.

Flexible Hiring

When hiring dedicated developers like our team chose to hire us on a full time or part time basis to keep your website running smoothly. Or hire us on one off occasions to help course correct your project.

Security & Confidentiality

Your ideas and work are completely safe with us. We ensure confidentiality and keep ongoing project discussions in house. You can trust us to keep you in the strictest confidence.

Hiring Process

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Reach out and we’ll organise a meeting with you to discuss your business requirements and see how we can help. We give you an estimated time frame and cost up front so you know what you’re getting into.
Analyze & Research

Analyze & Research

We analyze the requirements of your Codeigniter project and conduct research into your business and industry to make sure we have a solid understanding to begin working on your project.


We devise a plan and present options specifically tailored to you. We make adjustments to the plan until you’re happy.


We begin building. We work on delivering your Codeigniter site or app to the highest quality and to your deadlines. We provide you with updates the whole time.


Once your new Codeigniter project is up and running we can provide you with updates on how the pages are performing. If you choose, we can also stay on to provide support and maintenance services.


The price of building a Codeigniter website depends on the size and complexity of your project. The bigger your project, the higher the fees will be. Devs In India understands businesses run on tight budgets, so offer affordable rates beginning at just $25 an hour.
How long it takes to build your Codeigniter website will vary depending on the complexity and size of your website. The more complex, the longer it will take. When we sit down with you at our initial meeting we’ll give you an estimated time frame so you know what to expect.
We do! Dev In India offers a whole range of digital services ranging from SEO services to social media to software development to web design to app development to graphic design and more! Have a look through our website to learn more about all our different services.

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If you’ve been looking to hire a developer of Codeigniter in India, look no further than Devs In India. With extensive experience and a passion to see your business succeed, we will help you craft a stunning and intuitive website.


Get in touch with us to book in a free consultation and see how we can help you get noticed with your development projects. Send us through an email to info@devsinindia.com