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Our top notch dedicated AngularJS developers in India are experts in creating high performance web and mobile applications that will take your business to the next level.

What Is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a structural framework that creates dynamic web apps. HTML is used as the template language and AngularJS lets you extend HTML’s syntax to clearly and succinctly express your application’s components. AngularJS’s data binding and dependency injection mean you don’t have to write as much code to get things working. And it all happens within the browser. AngularJS builds on HTMLs  language for static documents to create dynamic and interactive web pages. It handles all the code and structure you need to create solutions for your project. AngularJS comes with everything you need to build an app, testability, and seed application. It’s built on the belief that declarative code is better for building UIs and wiring software components together, while imperative code is best for expressing business logic.

Who Is Devs In India?

Devs In India have over 10 years of experience in digital services such as Google Analytics. Our expert team has the technical expertise and passion to help you understand your data and optimize your marketing strategies. Our aim is to empower businesses around the world to transform digitally.


We combine creativity and the technical to find the best possible solutions. Every business has unique and individual needs and challenges, so we conduct extensive research into your business and industry when you come on board. We abide by high quality and security adherences and offer services beyond analytics such as social media, web designing, web development, seo expertise, and app creation.

Devs In India

Services We Offer

AngularJS Customization

Our web and mobile app developers can create robust, secure, and highly innovative web applications using AngularJS. Whether a start up or enterprise, we can customize to your needs and build the best web application possible for your business.

AngularJS Portal Development

Your web portal will be enticing and innovative with the use of Angular’s range of features, tools, and technologies. Whether a simple portal, or something more complex, we will use AngularJS to deliver exactly what you need.

API Integration

With our AngularJS development services, we can seamlessly integrate various applications into your AngularJS web application. Our programmers are skilled in installing feature rich APIs to enhance the functionality of your site.

AngularJS Consulting

Hire us to consult on your existing AngularJS web application. We possess extensive industry knowledge, so can advise on where there are downfalls currently sitting and let you know how to optimize and improve your website.

AngularJS Support & Maintenance

We’ll ensure your application is running smoothly and squash all bugs before they cause major problems. We can answer any questions you may have and boost the overall performance of your app.

UI and UX Development

We always design and develop with UI and UX principles in mind. These principles ensure your user interface is creative, innovative, intuitive, and in line with the latest design trends and technology.

AngularJS Migration & Upgrades

If you’re looking to move your current web app over to AngularJS, we can easily and efficiently make the move with minimal disruption to your daily business procedures. We can ensure your apps are as up to date as they can be to be compatible with multiple platforms.

AngularJS Learning Platform Development

Our developers work to create secure and scalable apps for learning platforms. If you have the knowledge to impart, we can help make it happen by creating easy to use platforms for students and teachers, whether small businesses or large enterprises.

AngularJS eCommerce Application Development

Our specialists can build fast and secure apps for online shopping with AngularJS. Your eCommerce app will stand out from the competition and have customers coming back for more

Why Hire Devs In India?

Years of Experience

We have over a decade of experience in designing and developing digital projects. Our team is expertly trained in AngularJS practices and passionate about seeing your business succeed.

Cost Effective Services

We understand many businesses run on tight budgets, which is why Devs In India’s development teams offer affordable and attractive rates without compromising on quality.

Flexible Hiring Models

Hire us on a full time or part time basis to keep your web application running smoothly. Or hire us on one off occasions to help push your project in the right direction.

Communication & Integrity

throughout the entire process. No decision is finalised without your approval. We also make sure all your information is protected and maintain privacy standards.

Reporting Updates

Your project manager will keep you informed about all developments and create easy to understand reports for you, so you always know how well your web app is performing.

On Time Delivery

We give you an estimated timeline up front in our first meeting and deliver on time or even earlier without compromising on quality.

Hiring Process

The process of hiring a AngularJS developer with Devs In India is easy!

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Get in touch and we’ll set up a meeting to have an in depth discussion about your ideas and requirements. We see how we can help and give you an estimated price and timeline so you know what you’re getting into upfront.
Analyze & Research

Analyze & Research

We then go and analyze the requirements of your situation and conduct research on your business and industry to build a solid understanding and foundation to begin building your WordPress project on.


We devise a plan for your project and present to you different options to choose from. We make adjustments and fine tune to your liking before proceeding.


We begin building your web application. We deliver to the highest quality while providing you with updates the whole time. We listen to your feedback and make any changes that are necessary.


Your project is up and running. We can then provide you with updates on how the pages or app is performing. If you choose, we can then also stay on to continuing monitoring and making adjustments to optimize for you and your customers.


The price of your AngularJS website or app will be dependent on the size and complexity of your project. The bigger your project, the higher the fee will be. Devs In India knows that many businesses have tight budgets, so offers affordable rates beginning at just $30 an hour. You’ll be seeing a return on your investment before you know it.
How long it takes to build your AngularJS project will also vary on the size and complexity of the project. The more complex, the longer it will take to build. During our initial sit down we’ll go over your requirements and give you an estimated time frame, so you have an idea of when it will be finished.
Yes! Dev In India is a full stack digital development company that offers many different services. Our range of services include: SEO, social media, digital marketing, software development, app development and creation, copywriting, web design, and more! Have a look throughout our website to discover all the different services we offer.

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