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What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process of creating and posting web content for digital marketing purposes. It is not limited just to articles, content writing covers pretty much every written piece on the internet, including: blog posts, product pages, press releases, social media captions, emails, video scripts, video descriptions, and more!

Who We Are

The content writers at Devs In India specialise in creating content that is relevant and engaging. We understand that every website is designed with different target audiences in mind and requires content that speaks directly to them. We produce content that is informative, well-written, and valuable for your audience.


With over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry we have the skills and knowledge to make your content stand out and get noticed. We are experts in SEO and ensure your content has the right keywords to be easily found. We have the ability to write incredible content quickly and before deadlines without compromising on quality. No matter your industry, we can create content for you.

Devs In India

Services We Offer

We offer a range of different content marketing services to attract customers and improve your content strategy.

Web Content

Devs In India creates web content that clearly showcases your services, engages your customers, and communicates your brand’s history and story. The content of your website is the most important element in converting interested visitors into valuable customers. We find the right balance between engaging customers with valuable content and keeping search engines happy with seo content. We can create entirely new content for your brand new website or add new pages to showcase more of what you offer. Or if you’re not happy with the current content on your website we can edit and rewrite what’s there to improve the content, help you be seen with SEO keywords, and attract more visitors. We write content for landing pages, product pages, about us pages, and contact pages.

Product Descriptions

In a physical store the staff are on hand to sell the product and answer any questions. Your online store misses that face-to-face interaction. So your product description has to do the selling for you. We craft enticing product descriptions for your online store which introduce your business to customers, showcase the product’s features, and encourage visitors to buy. Whether for your eCommerce site, Instagram store, Amazon listing, or third party site, we will tailor the description to the product on offer, the audience it’s being sold to, and the site’s requirements. We understand an excellent product description tells your customer how this item will solve their problems and will give them confidence in knowing that they are making a well-informed decision to purchase this product. Sometimes all a customer needs is a small nudge in the right direction to purchase, so we ensure we have a strong call to action encouraging customers to order now or book in a consultation. Our SEO experts also ensure the right keywords are included in the product descriptions to bring you to the top of search engine results and in front of your customer’s eyes.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website with informative and relevant content. With regular, fresh content you’ll boost your search engine rankings and provide valuable information to your customers. Starting a blog is the easy part. Continuing to come up with new high quality content is tougher. Which is why our content writing experts do the research to discover what information consumers are wanting and can deliver creative blog posts on a regular basis for your website. We take the stress away of keeping your blog updated, relevant, and full of fresh content. Our blog writing service will create content that expands on your product range, shares information of the best usage of your products, updates about your company, or even holiday and seasonal related content. Your blog will become a rich source of information that we ensure it’s easily found via search engines by including the best SEO practices.

Email Marketing

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing helps you gather new leads, increase conversion rates, and stay in contact with your customers. Whether you want to send weekly, fortnightly, month, or on any time table, Devs In India ensures your email newsletters are engaging, well written, grammatically correct, and delivers the message you want to convey. We’ll take care of the email newsletters so you can focus on what you do best. If you’re a store wanting to showcase your latest products, a busy entrepreneur who wants to tell the world what you do, or just wanting to build a relationship with your customers, we are here for you all.

Video Scripts

Videos are one of the biggest content draws on the internet now with YouTube being an immensely popular website and social media platforms optimizing for video content in recent years. Hiring a video script writer can ensure you present all the information you need to and that your videos are laid out in an orderly and engaging manner. We can work with you to script informational and educational videos, videos showcasing your company, or videos for social media. We take the stress out of writing for a visual platform. We’ll produce scripts for marketing videos that will grab the attention of potential customers and leave them wanting more.

Social Media

If you’ve found you’re great at creating visual content for your social media platforms, but struggle with the captions, we can help you craft scroll-stopping captions that your followers will want to engage with. We can write copy for whatever platforms you are on including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media algorithms will put you directly in front of potential customers in your core target audience. We’ll create copy that pairs seamlessly with your visuals. Or if you would like someone to take care of both the copy and the visuals we offer full packaged social media services too!


When taking on a writing project, the more details provided the better. We will complete our own research about your company and industry, but having details about your history, services, prices, and company ethos will help us create pieces that are relevant and in your tone of voice.
In today’s age you only have seconds to gain the attention of a potential customer online. If you have poor writing on your website a customer may be put off and leave before learning much about your offerings. Content writers ensure you have high quality written content on your website that engages customers and keeps them on your website.
Not at all. We avoid plagiarism and create our own original content for you. We do conduct research on your competitors to see what’s trending in content and services, but everything we write for you is unique.
The price of your content writing varies depending on the scale of your project. A larger project is going to cost more than a smaller one. Dev In India offers content writing packages starting from just $20 an hour!

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Devs In India are content writers that have vast experience in creating high quality articles, web content, social media posts, and video scripts. We aim for timely delivery of all content while maintaining high standards of quality.


If you’re looking to hire a full time or freelance content writer from India, book in a free consultation with us to get started on your project. Email us at info@devsinindia.com or give us a call.