Enterprise Blockchain Manifesto & The Principles

The enterprise blockchain terrain is buzzing with activities, and real-world applications using enterprise blockchain development are becoming innumerable.

The blockchain manifesto comes into existence when multiple individuals are involved in the business and want access to the same data. The introduction of blockchain removes intermediates and automates time taking processes and effort to foster a new line of business. The innovative practices offer good potential in reducing IT costs and expanding business networks to witness enhanced wealth.

Enterprise Blockchain Benefits

Enterprise blockchain solutions are essential for competitive reasons and cater to the following benefits for industries.

  1. Enhanced Security
  2. Traceability
  3. Improved Speed and Efficiency
  4. Transparency
  5. Automation

Though, various sectors benefit differently from the use of Enterprise Blockchain, be it data management for the finance sector or supply chain management for small suppliers. Some other advantages are:


Tokenization presents opportunities to increase operational efficiency by optimising business processes.


Innovation offers ease of exchanging values from one person to the other.


De-centralisation gives access to the same data to the different individuals as a distributed ledger.

The Principles

Use Open Environment For Innovation

Always prefer using open-source technology in your project rather than copyright tech. Open-source frameworks can boost innovations, cost you less money and need the shortest timeframe to mature.

Offer Permissioned And Trusted Access

A permissioned blockchain network is invariably the right fit for the industry than a public blockchain, as the private blockchain fixes privacy problems and demonstrates a regulatory environment.

Make The Governance Model Transparent

Formulate the governing architecture and approaches for your network. You have to administer users and assure that there is no intense impact on the platform.

Go For Common Standards

When planning a solution, use common standards to boost your interoperability. In a collective network model, technologies will communicate with each other and yield benefits.

Keep Privacy In Mind

Enforce privacy settings to keep the organisation’s sensitive data safe from competitors while giving the users complete authority over their data. Privacy settings enable your users to manage who can have accessibility to their data and on which conditions.

Security Is The Key

Add the security mechanisms your industry wants to combat cyber-attacks of any kind. With distributed ledger offering higher security, enterprise blockchain solutions assure that a single user can not attempt to destroy the entire system.

Enable Valid Exposure

Enable exposure to allow users to observe the entire process of how your blockchain system functions. This practice can strengthen their confidence in a new model.

Maintain Consistency

Maintain consistency in user experience to ensure that your blockchain system implementation secures enhanced outcomes continuously. Vigorous testing before launching or introducing the latest update to users is a must to keep a close tab on consistent results.

Communication Is A Must

Be in communication with your users to get their opinion on how your system functions. Constant feedback, supporting efficient task performance, and open space for talks on your present undertaking can advance the level of communication between peers of the project.

Uphold Trust At Any Cost

Maintain your user’s trust using quick advice, feedback, data exposure, and consistency. An enterprise project needs a great deal of confidence, reliability and stability in handling sensitive data.

Keep It Simple

Keep the architecture simple and avoid complicating it with numerous features. Do not let quantity get in the way of quality. Keep features that your business requires and avoid adding redundant or needless elements making it bulky and complicated for your users to operate.

Resolve Errors Fast

Try to incorporate quick fixes to the bug when encountered to prevent additional problems. Offer regular updates and fix errors to keep your brand’s significance intact in the market.

The Ultimate Enterprise Blockchain Manifesto

The landscape of top blockchain platforms and their applications for businesses are increasing numerously. Take an example of a supply chain, and you will understand that the types of blockchain platforms have a lot to offer in upcoming years, starting with enhanced transparency to significant responsiveness.

The other advancement we expect is the expansion of the tokenization concept for identity verification and electronic commerce.

Even the merger of blockchain with AI can introduce new horizons of advancements in manipulating data and take over many activities for humans. We expect blockchain to release a stream of data and deliver enhanced security measures for users to win their trust in giving out their information. Successively, AI can be expected to improve the tedious consensus of blockchain and the efficiency of the verification process.

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