Top WordPress Trends to Watch in 2022

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]WordPress has evolved from being just a blogging platform to a flexible content management system and online store that powers around 43% of websites available on the internet. WordPress is witnessing massive success because of its versatility and the ease of creating various websites.

Without further delay, look into the top WordPress trends that will shape the WordPress ecosystem from 2022 onwards.

1. Headless WordPress

A headless WordPress site setup uses WordPress for content management and does not restrict website users with plugins or themes when they wish to migrate content. Besides, better performance, improved flexibility, and better security are some of the benefits of headless WordPress.
The reports in a study conducted by WP Engine indicated that more than 60% of the enterprises use handless WordPress technology, marking a rise of over 20% from that of 2019.

2. Low-code/No-Code WordPress Development

Low-code/no-code WordPress solutions reduce the app development time by 90%. Hence, it is not surprising to see these platforms fill the place in the rapidly growing WordPress development world.
Visual page builders like Elementor and plugins like Woocommerce for e-commerce enable you to have a completely functional website or an online shop in a short time, that too at a minimal cost.

3. WordPress For SaaS

The trending growth of no-code platforms makes it easy to work on automation of tasks, streamlining business workflows, and adding new functionalities in WordPress for SaaS.
Developing and launching state-of-the-art SaaS products is now easy with a suite of plugins in WordPress.

4. WordPress For E-commerce

Following the report published by Statista in April 2021, WooCommerce is the second biggest e-commerce platform covering a 23.43% global market share. The e-commerce market seems to extend to roughly $6.3 billion by 2023. And with over 1000 WooCommerce plugins listed in the official WordPress repository, the platform foreseeably contributes to grabbing a slice of the pie.

5. Gutenberg Enhancements

The Gutenberg site editor is positively changing the way users customise websites and themes developed in WordPress.Gutenburg blocks enable users to design and build website sections to post content and alter the website elements such as header, sidebars, menu, and footer easily. The expected Gutenburg enhancements are to get the multilanguage website options.

6. Performance Improvements

The code contributors expect WordPress to implement a coordinated approach to enhance the performance matrix. The advancement may help in performance improvement. The sole intent is to make WordPress plugin and theme developments faster than ever.
As depicted in the report published by Search Engine Journal in 2202, the mentioned key segments are expecting improvements, new features and updates.

7. Accessibility Improvements

WordPress developers have already noticed various accessibility improvements like adding subtitles to the videos in Gutenburg video blocks. Hence, we foresee themes and plugins complying with accessibility improvements while working with a few blocks of the WordPress Website front-end. We shall not forget that accessibility comes into essentials set by legal authorities and it makes it easy for users to consume information from the website.

The Future of WordPress Trends

Here we saw a few of the trends that will shape the future of WordPress globally in 2022. We know that some of the mentioned trends are known, but there are few new ones to bring a considerable change in future. We strongly recommend keeping close tabs on the upcoming trends to remain competitive and compliant with upcoming changes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]