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A Complete Decisive Guide To Hire Offshore Development Team

Rapid advancements in digitization have invoked the need for businesses all across the globe to outsource their innovative software development requirement to a reliable offshore development team

Employing remote developers enables companies to expand their reach and grow businesses without worrying about operational costs. Having offshore developers working as an extended team works wonders. However, there are quite a few things to know before you plan to hire an offshore development team for your dream project.

Starting with options to find remote developers, you should indulge in the following activities.
  • a job post on job portals like Indeed or UpWork
  • reach out to development agencies
  • follow freelancing platforms having a pool of qualified offshore developers
  • visit tech events and meetups to find developers who are interested in remote work

Once you have enough sources from where you get a pool of offshore development teams, start the hiring process of the shortlisted resources that best fit your project requirements.

Now, let us look at what you should be taking care of while hiring the developers remotely. From finding the right talent to hiring them, let us guide you in making a decision.
  • Sort best offshore development companies considering the expertise, quality of service, and confidentiality norm.
  • Strictly consider looking at the easily available information like references, client testimonials, and success stories of your prospects.
  • The resource strength of the firm matters too. Hence, carefully verify the number of employees working with the company, the number of projects that the firm can handle simultaneously, and employee performance indicators.
  • Verify and ask for acknowledgement from the offshore development company on allocating resources that stay updated with a comprehensive knowledge of building project requirements, especially in your industry vertical.

All things considered, it is a good practice to collaborate with a firm that believes in employee engagement and professional growth. This approach helps when you get the required professionals for the assignment but feel the need to scale up their skills in the future.

Overall, let’s consider the summarised steps to hiring an offshore development team:
  1. Define the project requirements
  2. Determine Offshore Developer Hiring Strategy
  3. Clarify Position and Skills
  4. Prepare Requirements Checklist
  5. Decide Offshore Developer Pay Scales
  6. Hunt a Company to Hire Developers
  7.  Formulate Interview Process
  8. Draft and Sign NDA or Required Contracts
  9. Start Working with Your Offshore Development Team

Finally, take a deep breath, sit back, rest, and see your project coming to life!

Still, do you find it difficult to search for the right blend of minds and makers? We understand! Discovering and hiring the right talent from the pool of developers to work as an extended team can become a daunting task. Up until you collaborate with a trustworthy and dedicated outsourcing company like ‘Devs in India’ that helps you scale your business performance.

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