Why is Laravel a Stable Foundation for Your Web App?


Choosing the right development framework from the pool of options can be very challenging while building web applications. We practice using Laravel Framework to develop websites considering a few criteria such as the development cost, their experience, the popularity of the framework, and more.

On top of all that, Laravel is one of the most trending repositories having nearly 51192 stars on GitHub and we are still counting. Hence, we firmly believe that many industries from around the globe use Laravel. Working on Laravel is a cakewalk if you are familiar with core PHP.

Let us understand the technical benefits that make the Laravel framework stand out from all.
  1. Authentication and Authorisation: Laravel offers a right-off-the-bat configuration for authentication practices.
  2. Eloquent Object-Oriented Libraries: the most promising benefit of using Laravel is its built-in object-oriented libraries. Everything like password reset, active user monitoring, and cross-site request forgery protection has built-in libraries to authenticate and track users.
  3. Artisan Console: The artisan tool works as an assistant to run monotonous tasks repeatedly. The command-line interface helps you achieve desired outcomes through easy to read commands. Besides, you can even schedule the artisan commands to run on your behalf.
  4. MVC Support: MVC support in the Laravel framework works as a partition between the user interface and business logic. The model-view-controller architecture allows experts to modify the interface without disturbing actual logic.
  5. Top-Notch Security: Knowing the fact that website security is the most crucial need to eliminate unauthorised access, the Laravel framework is equipped with guards and providers to enhance security.
  6. Database Migration and Management: Because data is the most precious asset, it is essential to manage the data sets regularly. With Laravel, you can easily create, destroy, recreate, and modify databases for your web applications. No hassles with maintaining an additional SQL file with the data file.
  7. Significant Tutorial Support: Lara Casts offers a blend of complementary and paid video tutorials to help developers learn new skills. The meaningful and thorough lessons help developers build productive web applications.
  8. Blade Template Engine: Blade Template is a pre-installed lightweight and reflexive template engine to help developers build web pages easily. Besides, the idea of dynamic seeding plays a vital role in Blade Template Engine. This game-changer equips you to create a master template and then extend it to other templates.
  9. Streamlined Testing: A web that can not be tested is flawed. Hence, the testing environment with Laravel Dusk lets the quality analysts perform unit testing and automated testing to detect and prevent regressions.
  10. Automatic Package Discovery: It was challenging for developers to install packages. But, the Automatic package discovery automatically detects the packages to install. Worry not if you have specific packages that need manual installation; disable this feature and install them as required.

The excellent features mentioned herewith are sufficient to acknowledge that Laravel is the most promising PHP framework in 2022. However, hiring Laravel developers to work on your web application project. You may also choose to expand your team of Laravel developers by hiring our team of experts to work on your dream projects. Regardless of the requirements, you shall count on a technology partner like Devs in India for your development necessities.

All in all, the popularity of the Laravel framework is growing because of the outstanding features it offers. Furthermore, with Laravel, you get extensive community support too. Moreover, We at Devs in India are always there for you if you, as a business, want to outsource your web development project or plan to hire Laravel developers. Rest assured of a smooth development process with our experts working on the Laravel framework for you. Connect with us to get assistance on your upcoming web application assignment.