Take 2022 by Storm with Offshore Development Team in India


The world of software development has now evolved into the new normal. Regardless of the offshore development challenges, businesses have acknowledged the considerable advantages that offshore development teams provide.

A global survey reveals that almost 70% of enterprises outsource their software development projects to reduce overheads. Besides, outsourcing is a budget-friendly approach established to assure scalability in software development, faster time to market and access to the best tech talent worldwide. Are you desirous of hiring an offshore development team in India? Have no idea where to begin? Let us help you understand why 2022 is going by storm with the offshore development team in India.

But have you ever considered when you need to hire an offshore development team? Let’s determine when remote hiring makes sense.

When Do You Need to Hire Remote Developers?

Hiring a remote team means sharing development tasks with your extended team. Remote resources from the IT outsourcing company in India work on design, development, testing, maintenance and post-development support as you require.

Hiring an offshore development team is essential when you,

Most Esteemed Advantages of Hiring an Offshore Development Team

Companies prefer recruiting a remote development team over an in-house team for multiple reasons. Some do so to reduce overhead costs and increase flexibility. On the other hand, some organisations work with the offshore development team to access global talent.

Why Build an Offshore Development Team with Devs in India?

Devs in India is the best IT outsourcing company with a global footprint and a dedicated offshore development team in India. Our forte is in supporting businesses, irrespective of their size, to build extended teams without any inconvenience.

The grounds to hire an offshore development team of Devs in India:

Global Extension of Your IT Firm

Our experts work dedicatedly as extended team members to your existing crew.

Flexible Hiring Models

We support your requirement to choose flexible engagement models.

Proactively Helpful Team

We anticipate your project needs and work proactively to bring the best possible results.

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

We take a vow for the confidentiality of your project by keeping your innovative ideas safe.

A Strong Online Presence

We strive to make your digital presence stand out in the competitive market.

Shared Values

We work smart and negate conflicts of interest to practice shared values.

Full support:

We have a support team to ensure uninterrupted communications.

Your business can access the resources with outstanding skills as you partner with the right outsourcing service providers. Besides, the firm monitors and assesses the quality of work before it comes to you, adding the advantage of an extra layer of quality testing.

With up-to-date knowledge on IT offshoring trends and following well-defined strategies, your business can secure the perfect elements for success regardless of the challenges.

Curious to know Devs in India’s approach to state-of-the-art software development abilities? Get in touch with us! One of our experts will assist you with the pool of information you need to kickstart your upcoming project.